About me

Who am I?

Since you asked!

MyatuI’m Mike Green (aka “Myatu”), and I’m a 30-something year old system administrator & web developer.

My usual job consists of keeping servers as well as customers happy for a hosting company.

And when time permits, I tend to work on things you will find on my Projects page. Or cook. Or eat. I like good food.

Things I’m good at …

… or not.

Debian System Administration
Back-end Web Development
Graphic Design

About the name “Myatu”

Myatu is a nickname — or handle — that I adopted quite a few years ago. It was first used during the public beta of the now defunct “Earth and Beyond” game developed by Westwood Studios / Electronic Arts.

The nickname is an accidental misspelling of “Miyato”, which was the previous name for the Sumida river that flows through Tokyo, Japan. There’s no┬áspecific relation between me and the river or Japan, other than a historic interest.

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