About me

Who am I?

Since you asked!

MyatuI’m Mike Green (aka “Myatu”), and I’m a 30-something year old system administrator & web developer.

My usual job consists of keeping servers as well as customers happy for a hosting company.

And when time permits, I tend to work on things you will find on my Projects page. Or cook. Or eat. I like good food.

Things I’m good at …

… or not.

Debian System Administration
Back-end Web Development
Graphic Design

About the name “Myatu”

Myatu is a nickname — or handle — that I adopted quite a few years ago. It was first used during the public beta of the now defunct “Earth and Beyond” game developed by Westwood Studios / Electronic Arts.

The nickname is an accidental misspelling of “Miyato”, which was the previous name for the Sumida river that flows through Tokyo, Japan. There’s no specific relation between me and the river or Japan, other than a historic interest.

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