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New website

May 26, 2012 | no comments

Well, about a month ago I decided that the website needed an overhaul. The previous website felt a bit dated, and there was no room for me to add my recent projects or the ones I still have on my “to do” list.

I decided to stick with WordPress, which I’ve been using for the last 3 years. Despite its spaghetti code, a sign of its long history, it is robust yet flexible. And thanks to my own little plugin framework, it is a breeze to add new things to WordPress. For instance, I initially developed the Cookillian plugin for this website in a just few days, before deciding it could benefit others and releasing it into the public. continue reading →

Cookie Sandwich by Neil Conway


May 5, 2012 | 34 comments

Note! This plugin has been deprecated; it is no longer maintained nor supported.

Cookillian is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier for your WordPress site to comply with the EC Cookie Directive, which affects the United Kingdom on May 25th 2012 and other European countries.

Cookillian will automatically detect if a visitor is located in one of the countries defined by you – likely the countries affected by the EC Cookie Direcitve – and will automatically disable any cookies that are set from within WordPress or a 3rd party plugin. The user will then be presented with an fully customizable alert about cookies, and given the option to opt in or out of using cookies. continue reading →

Background Manager version 1.0.24 released

March 4, 2012 | 4 comments

Today brings us version 1.0.24 of Background Manager.

This fixes a bug a rather odd bug, which only occurred when the front page was a static Post Page (Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading). In those cases, neither the front page nor the page used as the static page would have a background – at all. continue reading →

Background Manager version 1.0.22 released

February 18, 2012 | no comments

A new version of Background Manager version 1.0.22 has been released today.

This version introduces the option to place a “Pin It” button from Pinterest on backgrounds. This will allow visitors to add the background image to their Pin boards with a simple click of a button. continue reading →

Background Manager version 1.0.18 released

February 12, 2012 | no comments

Today Background Manager version 1.0.18 has been released, and brings a few minor changes and a bug fix.

There was a minor bug in the public-side JavaScript, which gave some error messages in browsers with a JavaScript console enabled. It didn’t affect the actual functioning of the script, but nevertheless needed addressing. continue reading →

Background Manager version 1.0.14 released

February 6, 2012 | 1 comment

Version 1.0.14 of Background Manager was released today, fixing a few more bugs and introducing yet more new features!

There was a minor bug, which prevented you from adding images already in the WordPress Media Library, which has now been corrected. Coincidentally, this also allowed me to add a feature allowing you to re-using images that have already been attached to another Post, Page or Image Set. This effectively bypasses a limitation by WordPress. continue reading →

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