High traffic WordPress hosting

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Although I have a rather large amount of servers at my disposal, for some time I’ve had my personal website hosted with 5quidhost on one of their Turbo pans.  They’re an UK-based company with headquarters in Scotland, and have recently celebrated their 10th anniversary.  They also rank quite high on TrustPilot, usually 1st or 2nd place.

In March I snapped up a domain that I had been waiting for a long time to become available: myatu.com. In fact, it is the reason why the current domain name has an “s” in it. I was aware of the content the previous owner had hosted on that domain name, but I had no idea how popular it was. So when that domain was transferred into my ownership, its traffic followed.

Generally, my website generates just a few thousand page views per day with the occasional spike, mainly for the Proxmox how-to guides (which I really should update one of these days!).  Though around the end of March, this jumped to 24,000 page+ page views per day. Between March 27 and April 5th, more than 157,000 page views were generated, and is currently handling between 250,000 and 450,000 page views per week.

So, how did the website cope with this? Perfectly fine! It isn’t the first time the website has been hit with a large amount of page views, so I had already prepared the website for this. And the magic ingredient for that is: cache.
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Cookillian Troubleshooting

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Cookillian, the WordPress plugin that I wrote to address the EU/UK Cookie Law, is a helpful little tool to assist with compliance. But sometimes users seem to run into trouble with it and are at loss on how to resolve it. Following are a few of those, to help provide a solution. read more →

Background Manager released

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Just shortly after hitting the 100,000 downloads milestone at WordPress.org, today brings us a maintenance release of Background Manager, version

The main reason for this release was to address a bug that appeared in WordPress 3.7, which caused a background image to appear on all pages/posts, even if the settings specified otherwise. I believe the bug has now been addressed, and would likely have been due to a change in WordPress’ wp_guess_url() function. read more →

Background Manager screencast by Untame

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Brock Nunn of Untame has written a great article about Background Manager, which includes a screen cast on how to get started with the plugin – shown above.

Background Manager 1.1.6 released

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Another update for Background Manager has been released today, which fixes a number of bugs and introduces a new option.

Based on a suggestion in the WordPress Support forum, the new option provides a method for remembering the last shown background image. This allows Background Manager to continue with that image on another page, provided that page uses the same Image Set (no override). read more →

Cookillian 1.1.18 released

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Today brings the release of Cookillian version 1.1.18, which adds the option of periodically “scrubbing” cookies as first described in the Cookillian and Javascript post. Coincidentally, that post also revealed an issue with Google AdSense, which has now been resolved. read more →

WordPress caching and nonce lifespan

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A security feature available in WordPress is a “nonce”. Generally, a “nonce” is a token that can only be used once and are often used to prevent unauthorised people  from submitting data on behalf of another person. Let’s simplify that:

  • Person A is given nonce “A”
  • Person B is given nonce “B”
  • Person B attempts to submit data to the server on behalf of person A
  • The server reads the submitted data from person B as “Person A with nonce  ‘B’ is submitting data”. Knowing that Person A does not have nonce ‘B’, it ignores/denies the submitted data.

WordPress differs by giving it a lifespan and allowing the nonce to be used more than once within that lifespan by the same person. And by the ‘same person’ it is meant a logged in WordPress user, or an anonymous user (visitor not logged in). read more →

Background Manager 1.1.1 released

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Finally! After 3 months of hard work, Background Manager version 1.1 1.1.1 has been released, coinciding with the release of WordPress 3.4.

(Update: A rather annoying bug was introduced in version 1.1, which has been remedied in 1.1.1. If something can go wrong, it most certainly will).

It includes a large number of new features, which I will outline below. Please note that there are a few changes that could potentially affect the layout of the background, so keep these in mind before upgrading.

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Cookillian 1.1.13 released

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Version 1.1.13 of Cookillian has been released today,  which addresses a number of reported bugs and adds a new option for cookie auto detection.

A major bug was related to erroneous use of the WordPress wp_print_script action in third party plugins or themes, which in turn cause the Pf4wp framework to behave incorrectly and output multiple copies of the same script. It overwrote previously set variables, causing strange errors as reported in the WordPress support forum. Updating the underlying framework should address this bug. read more →

Cookillian 1.1.7 released

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Just days after the release of Cookillian 1.1, a new version has been pushed out. I do apologise if it seems too quick, but I’d rather have the bug fixes out now rather than later, but also so you can enjoy some added features. read more →

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