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Faster WP Super Cache with NginX

on December 17, 2009 in Projects with 9 comments by

Burnout!A while ago my blog started to act up by randomly showing translated pages in place of the desired language. The culprit was a WordPress caching plugin (Hyper Cache) that started to misbehave with the latest upgrade. I promptly disabled it and went on a search for a replacement.

As you may have read in one of my previous blog entries, specifically “NginX and Apache, but no memcached”, I prefer to use NginX as the front-end serving static files, and Apache as a back-end dealing with the dynamic pages. So it would be ideal if NginX could serve up static WordPress files, which is exactly what I am doing now with the help of WP Super Cache. read more →

DNS performance benchmarking update

on December 14, 2009 in Linux with no comments by

A few days ago I posted a short blog about DNS performance benchmarking by Google using namebench. After the rather surprising results, I decided to replace the primary upstream DNS server with OpenDNS.

Once I had run the namebench too again, the results were showing a huge leap in performance. But strikingly, BT’s DNS servers were still faster than my own local servers. Jonathan, the resident monkey, also commented about this based on his own tests. It seems that there might be something amiss with the namebench tool (and I shall dutifully point this out to Google, to see what they have to say). read more →

DNS performance benchmarking by Google

on December 12, 2009 in Linux with 2 comments by

Today I came across namebench by Google, a DNS (domain name system) benchmarking tool and gave it a try.  To my surprise, namebench determined that a DNS server owned by BT and located in the UK was faster than my own or my provider’s DNS servers, both of which are located in France.

In fact, this is the damning message that namebench gave me: read more →