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Guide: Firewall and router with Proxmox – Extending its use

on March 20, 2010 in Linux with 13 comments by

Last year I wrote a guide on how to use Shorewall as a firewall and router for Proxmox. As a follow up I will answer a few questions I’ve received about that guide that can help you extend its use.

Proxy ARP

The most common question is in regards to proxy ARP. Enabling this option will allow you to assign a public IP directly to your guest VM, eliminating the need for port forwarding (DNAT) or having to worry about the MAC address.

As an example use for proxy ARP, it is helpful for those using a a SIP-based VoIP server since a STUN server is no longer required. read more →

WP Flickr Background version 1.0.3 (Beta) available

on March 6, 2010 in WordPress with 2 comments by

Version 1.0.3 has been released, which fixes a few minor bugs and introduces a new option. It is still considered to be in a Beta stage, which most likely will change with the next release.


  • A new option has been introduced to hide the license and attribution information in the footer.
  • Bug fix: Config hash file was never initialized
  • Bug fix: Enabling “cacheable” option resulted in fatal PHP errors in some cases
  • Bug fix: Preview option did not work when “cacheable” option was enabled
  • Bug fix: “All Rights Reseved” licenses had no URLs

In addition, WP Flickr Background is no longer compatible with WordPress version 2.8 or older.