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Background Manager 1.1.6 released

on June 30, 2012 in WordPress with 23 comments by

Another update for Background Manager has been released today, which fixes a number of bugs and introduces a new option.

Based on a suggestion in the WordPress Support forum, the new option provides a method for remembering the last shown background image. This allows Background Manager to continue with that image on another page, provided that page uses the same Image Set (no override). read more →

Cookillian 1.1.18 released

on June 25, 2012 in WordPress with no comments by

Today brings the release of Cookillian version 1.1.18, which adds the option of periodically “scrubbing” cookies as first described in the Cookillian and Javascript post. Coincidentally, that post also revealed an issue with Google AdSense, which has now been resolved. read more →

Infographic: World IPv6 Launch by the numbers

on June 19, 2012 in Projects with no comments by

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WordPress caching and nonce lifespan

on June 18, 2012 in WordPress with 9 comments by

A security feature available in WordPress is a “nonce”. Generally, a “nonce” is a token that can only be used once and are often used to prevent unauthorised people  from submitting data on behalf of another person. Let’s simplify that:

  • Person A is given nonce “A”
  • Person B is given nonce “B”
  • Person B attempts to submit data to the server on behalf of person A
  • The server reads the submitted data from person B as “Person A with nonce  ‘B’ is submitting data”. Knowing that Person A does not have nonce ‘B’, it ignores/denies the submitted data.

WordPress differs by giving it a lifespan and allowing the nonce to be used more than once within that lifespan by the same person. And by the ‘same person’ it is meant a logged in WordPress user, or an anonymous user (visitor not logged in). read more →

Background Manager 1.1.1 released

on June 14, 2012 in WordPress with 8 comments by

Finally! After 3 months of hard work, Background Manager version 1.1 1.1.1 has been released, coinciding with the release of WordPress 3.4.

(Update: A rather annoying bug was introduced in version 1.1, which has been remedied in 1.1.1. If something can go wrong, it most certainly will).

It includes a large number of new features, which I will outline below. Please note that there are a few changes that could potentially affect the layout of the background, so keep these in mind before upgrading.

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Cookillian Alert styling: Simple Implied Consent

on June 13, 2012 in Projects with 1 comment by

Cookillian is very flexible and allows you to fully customize the alert that will be displayed as well as how it handles consent.

Here I will provide an example for a simple, unobtrusive alert at the bottom (or top) of a page, with an option to opt out of receiving cookies. This is a commonly used method for implied consent across major websites in the United Kingdom.

It also shows how to use Cookillian’s API to make an AJAX call, yet provide backward compatibility with browsers that do not use JavaScript.

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Cookillian and JavaScript

on June 12, 2012 in Projects with 2 comments by

By default, Cookillian will delete cookies that are set by WordPress (ie., wp-settings-*) and other WordPress plugins. As JavaScript generally lies outside the realm of WordPress, the idea is that certain scripts, such as Google Analytics, are removed from the website and into the Header or Footer fields of Cookillian’s JavaScript section. This prevents the script from loading when the visitor has not (yet) given permission to receive cookies.

This is the preferred method, as it gives greater control over the cookies set by third party scripts. As mentioned, Google Analytics is one such script that should be moved, and is probably easiest to accomplish. But there are some that require a bit more work, like the Twitter Tweet button and Google AdSense, which I will explain next.

I will also provide a sample code that with the help of Cookillian will delete local cookies set by existing JavaScript, to help ease the transition.

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Cookillian 1.1.13 released

on June 10, 2012 in WordPress with 2 comments by

Version 1.1.13 of Cookillian has been released today,  which addresses a number of reported bugs and adds a new option for cookie auto detection.

A major bug was related to erroneous use of the WordPress wp_print_script action in third party plugins or themes, which in turn cause the Pf4wp framework to behave incorrectly and output multiple copies of the same script. It overwrote previously set variables, causing strange errors as reported in the WordPress support forum. Updating the underlying framework should address this bug. read more →

World IPv6 Launch – Success!

on June 7, 2012 in Projects with no comments by

Did you notice a near-total collapse of the Internet today? Couldn’t Google if Gordon Brown owes you money? The stream of Facebook pokes suddenly stopped? No? That’s because the Internet kept working just fine, despite that today marks an important event in its history: 06/06/2012 was World IPv6 Launch day. read more →

Cookillian 1.1.7 released

on June 2, 2012 in WordPress with no comments by

Just days after the release of Cookillian 1.1, a new version has been pushed out. I do apologise if it seems too quick, but I’d rather have the bug fixes out now rather than later, but also so you can enjoy some added features. read more →