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Poor Man’s device discovery (DNS)

on August 4, 2016 in Linux with no comments by

I have a home network that contains a mixture of devices, some of which that receive a static IP address such as the printer, and some of which receive a dynamic IP address such as mobile phones and tablets.

The home router is setup to give every device with a static IP address a host name, such as “printer.home” or “nas.home”, making it easy to access the device’s UI (if it has one).  However, the router isn’t capable of assigning host names to devices with a dynamic IP address.

For the most part this isn’t an issue, but every once in a while I do need to access the mobile phone or tablet via the browser or similar.  This means having to lookup the IP address of the device in the router, which in turns means I have to login to it and navigate through various screens.

So I thought: “why not give every device a host name / DNS entry?”.  But with the router not capable of assigning them to dynamic IP addresses (based on MAC for example), or able to set the host name on some devices, how? Luckily I have a Raspberry Pi that’s sitting in a closet 24/7 doing very little, so I’ve put that to good use. read more →