Background Manager version 1.0.14 released

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Version 1.0.14 of Background Manager was released today, fixing a few more bugs and introducing yet more new features!

There was a minor bug, which prevented you from adding images already in the WordPress Media Library, which has now been corrected. Coincidentally, this also allowed me to add a feature allowing you to re-using images that have already been attached to another Post, Page or Image Set. This effectively bypasses a limitation by WordPress.

Another new feature is the ability to add images to an Image Set directly from a URL. Simply click the button on the Upload/Insert bar, and there will be a new tab called Download from URL. This works different from the From URL tab found when editing a regular Post, as it will download the file directly into the WordPress Media Library, rather than just link to the image. This feature is also Flickr ready, in that any images downloaded from Flickr will automatically include the title, description, license and a link back to the owner/photographer.

Some people needed a method to import large amount of images that they have already uploaded to their web server. A new importer (found under the Import menu), called Local Importer, allows you to select a directory on the web server and import all images from that directory, and optionally its sub-directories.

The final new feature – actually two-in-one – is the ability to override the default Image Set based on a Post’s tag or category. This should also be very useful for web sites that have many existing posts that are already tagged or categorized, rather than overriding the Image Set for each individual Post. This feature is seen when editing an Image Set, where there are two new boxes (Override by Tag and Override by Category).


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  1. Asif Siddiqui
    posted on Apr 20, 2012 at 7:30 PM  |  reply

    can use this plugin in PHP Old version? like 5.2.5 plz inform

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