Background Manager version 1.0.22 released

on February 18, 2012 in WordPress with no comments by

A new version of Background Manager version 1.0.22 has been released today.

This version introduces the option to place a “Pin It” button from Pinterest on backgrounds. This will allow visitors to add the background image to their Pin boards with a simple click of a button.

The optional short descriptions provided for backgrounds was powered by the jQuery “BalloonTip” script, and has now been replaced in favor of qTip2. Although it qTip2 is considered ‘unstable’ at this point in time, I’ve had good success using it in conjunction with the plugin and gives greater flexibility for future changes/additions to the plugin. As part of the changeover to qTip2, if an image does not have a caption, the title will be used instead.

Finally, some minor changes were made to some of the text in the administrative area and the vendor libraries for Pf4wp and Twig have been updated to their latest versions.


On February 20, 2012 a bug-fix to 1.0.22 has been released (versioned at This fixes a bug in the JavaScript used by the plugin that affected Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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