Background Manager version 1.0.6 released

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Version 1.0.6 of Background Manager has been released today!

There were a few minor bug fixes based on reports from other users. I have also changed the code for the ‘Slide’ and ‘Cover’ effects as they did not account for browser windows smaller than 1024 pixels wide. This width is the ‘cut-off’ for the CSS code Background Manager uses and will not reduce background images any smaller than that, switching to centering instead.

A new feature was introduced, to allow you to select the opacity of the overlay. This added more options to the Settings page and it was becoming bothersome to keep referring back to the Preview at the top of the page. So the Preview will now remain in view at all times, so that all changes are immediately visible.

I have also added a few more background overlays, bringing the total selection to 18. The nice thing about the plugin is that 3rd parties can add their own overlays to the selection if they wish, using the myatu_bgm_overlays WordPress filter.

Lastly, there was a request to allow the background image to be click-able — redirect a visitor to another a page or website (ie., advertising). I thought was a neat idea, and so this too was implemented. You can now specify a Background URL for each image in your Image Set.

Future development

If you have any ideas for the plugin, feel free to contact me, write a comment here or on the support forum.

Based on a request, I am also releasing a PO file to help translate the plugin. The plugin itself is i18n ready and hope to have new languages available soon. Feel free to submit your translation!

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