Cookillian 1.1.18 released

on June 25, 2012 in WordPress with no comments by

Today brings the release of Cookillian version 1.1.18, which adds the option of periodically “scrubbing” cookies as first described in the Cookillian and Javascript post. Coincidentally, that post also revealed an issue with Google AdSense, which has now been resolved.

Furthermore, the JavaScript header/footer was only loaded when cookies were permitted. This behaviour has been changed in version 1.1.18, where it will also load if cookies are not deleted — this keeps it in sync with the “delete cookies before/after” option.

Also in 1.1.18, the default alert now uses the AJAX API to opt a user in, or out, depending on the availability of JavaScript. If JavaScript is not available, it will use the convential method instead.


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