Plugin Framework for WordPress

A framework to make developing WordPress pugins straight forward.

Plugin Framework for WordPress, abbreviated as Pf4wp, is a framework to help develop plugins for WordPress.

Code the plugin, not decipher WordPress

While the use of the framework is not required to build a WordPress plugin, it will allow you to focus on the core plugin needs rather than that of WordPress.

The framework deals with the nitty-gritty of WordPress, including actions, filters, deprecated functions, roles, capabilities and more, while you use the same code base of the framework to build your plugin. In turn, your turnaround time for developing a WordPress plugin is reduced!

Easer Maintainance

An additional benefit is consistency among plugins that use the framework, as any changes within the framework will be propragated to all plugins based on it.

The framework also introduces optimized templating with the help of Twig, which brings it closer to a pure MVC framework. While it is not required to use any of the templating features, it will eliminate the need to hard code HTML, CSS or Javascript inside the plugins.

Library Interoprability

The framework follows the concepts of Symfony2, a well established and rock solid MVC framework. This gives Pf4wp the ability to use vendor (third party) libraries that use the PHP 5.3 namespace or PEAR naming conventions with ease.

Pf4wp is released under the MIT License. Because of the flexible licensing terms of the framework, it can be incorporated in GPL as well as commercial products alike, and thus will work with most other libraries.

Visit the project at GitHub