WP Flickr Background 1.1 released!

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WP Flickr Background is maturing nicely and we’re now at version 1.1!

This version introduces the ability to use photos from the WordPress Media Library, which means you can upload your own photos or use those from websites other than Flickr. It gives the added advantage that photos can now be hosted locally (on your own server) or on a CDN.

The CSS used to display the license and attribution at the bottom of pages has also been changed, for increased compatibility with themes. With that comes the ability to change the location of the license and attribution between the left or right in the footer.

A small bug introduced with 1.0.4 has also been corrected, which caused cookies not to be saved depending on the selected background change frequency.

Finally, the plugin now updates its database options based on its version, rather than only upon (re-)activation. This is a work around for a WordPress inconsistency (WordPress ticket #14915).


  • Added: Ability to add local (or remote) hosted images.
  • Added: Advanced option specifying the location of the license and attribution.
  • Bug fix: A minor regression in the cookie handling, which was attributed to the introduction of additional change frequencies.
  • Changed: Main plugin class has been changed to upgrade database options on version change, rather than (re)activation.
  • Changed: Updated CSS for increased compatibility with themes.

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