WP Flickr Background version 1.0.2 (Beta) available

on February 26, 2010 in WordPress with no comments by

Well, a little over a month ago I had put the final touches to the WP Flickr Background plugin and entered it into Alpha stage. Over the entire month and with a few thousand visitors, there were only two issues reported (one of which was unrelated).

Satisfied with this, I’ve now made version 1.0.2 available as a Beta product. That means you can now use it for your own purposes, however I do not recommend using this in a production environment just yet (although nothing is stopping you from doing so – use at your own risk!).

The likely issues that I’m expecting are with the installation, plugin usage and the back-end (administration). But hopefully those will only be a few. In meantime, I will start the registration procedure with WordPress.org so that the code will be available in the SVN, and the plugin available for download / upgrade within WordPress itself. Hopefully this will be a matter of just a few days.

If you are running in any kind of issue, how small it may seem, I’d really like to know about it so I can improve the plugin. You can use the contact form, or leave a comment below and I will make note of it.


P.S.: A small update, WP Flickr Background is also available through the Flickr App Garden.

P.P.S.: Quicker than expected, WordPress has accepted the plugin into the Plugin Directory. If you wish to use the development version (provided you know what you are doing!), see the SVN.

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