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Background Manager released

on October 28, 2013 in WordPress with 10 comments by

Just shortly after hitting the 100,000 downloads milestone at WordPress.org, today brings us a maintenance release of Background Manager, version

The main reason for this release was to address a bug that appeared in WordPress 3.7, which caused a background image to appear on all pages/posts, even if the settings specified otherwise. I believe the bug has now been addressed, and would likely have been due to a change in WordPress’ wp_guess_url() function. read more →

Background Manager screencast by Untame

on March 9, 2013 in WordPress with 1 comment by

Brock Nunn of Untame has written a great article about Background Manager, which includes a screen cast on how to get started with the plugin – shown above.

Background Manager 1.1.6 released

on June 30, 2012 in WordPress with 23 comments by

Another update for Background Manager has been released today, which fixes a number of bugs and introduces a new option.

Based on a suggestion in the WordPress Support forum, the new option provides a method for remembering the last shown background image. This allows Background Manager to continue with that image on another page, provided that page uses the same Image Set (no override). read more →

Background Manager 1.1.1 released

on June 14, 2012 in WordPress with 8 comments by

Finally! After 3 months of hard work, Background Manager version 1.1 1.1.1 has been released, coinciding with the release of WordPress 3.4.

(Update: A rather annoying bug was introduced in version 1.1, which has been remedied in 1.1.1. If something can go wrong, it most certainly will).

It includes a large number of new features, which I will outline below. Please note that there are a few changes that could potentially affect the layout of the background, so keep these in mind before upgrading.

read more →

Background Manager version 1.0.24 released

on March 4, 2012 in WordPress with 4 comments by

Today brings us version 1.0.24 of Background Manager.

This fixes a bug a rather odd bug, which only occurred when the front page was a static Post Page (Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading). In those cases, neither the front page nor the page used as the static page would have a background – at all. read more →

Background Manager version 1.0.22 released

on February 18, 2012 in WordPress with no comments by

A new version of Background Manager version 1.0.22 has been released today.

This version introduces the option to place a “Pin It” button from Pinterest on backgrounds. This will allow visitors to add the background image to their Pin boards with a simple click of a button. read more →

Background Manager version 1.0.18 released

on February 12, 2012 in WordPress with no comments by

Today Background Manager version 1.0.18 has been released, and brings a few minor changes and a bug fix.

There was a minor bug in the public-side JavaScript, which gave some error messages in browsers with a JavaScript console enabled. It didn’t affect the actual functioning of the script, but nevertheless needed addressing. read more →

Background Manager version 1.0.14 released

on February 6, 2012 in WordPress with 1 comment by

Version 1.0.14 of Background Manager was released today, fixing a few more bugs and introducing yet more new features!

There was a minor bug, which prevented you from adding images already in the WordPress Media Library, which has now been corrected. Coincidentally, this also allowed me to add a feature allowing you to re-using images that have already been attached to another Post, Page or Image Set. This effectively bypasses a limitation by WordPress. read more →

Background Manager version 1.0.6 released

on January 28, 2012 in WordPress with no comments by

Version 1.0.6 of Background Manager has been released today!

There were a few minor bug fixes based on reports from other users. I have also changed the code for the ‘Slide’ and ‘Cover’ effects as they did not account for browser windows smaller than 1024 pixels wide. This width is the ‘cut-off’ for the CSS code Background Manager uses and will not reduce background images any smaller than that, switching to centering instead. read more →

Background Manager version 1.0 released

on January 21, 2012 in WordPress with no comments by

Background Manager has progressed out of its Beta stage with today’s release of version 1.0!

New features have been added, which allows you to select from a number of Transition Effects – or none at all – for the background images. This applies only to full-screen background images that change at a specified interval. The effects, in addition to the original Crossfade, include Slide and Cover. The Slide effect “pushes” the old image out of the way, whereas the Cover effect will slide a new image on top of the old one. This can be set to happen from any of the four positions on the screen. It is also possible to set the Transition Speed now, which before was fixed to 600 milliseconds – it can now be set from 100ms (0.1 second) to 7500ms (7.5 seconds). read more →

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